About My CTR Growth Business

Result-driven & effective

Hi, my name is Chris and I've been tweaking and maximizing Google Advertising for small businesses for over a decade.

I've been designing websites and software since the 90's. I REALLY understand how the internet works!

Now my family travels full time, with my wife and I both working remotely.

I used to offer a bunch of different services:

But I was over-doing it. I had to re-learn what my grandfather taught me so long ago:

"Do one thing and do it well"

I'm pretty sure he stole that from Sam Walton or Winston Churchill or something.

But I learned my lesson.

I made a list of what I enjoyed and was good at:

Once I thought about my skillset and my need for flexibility to do my job well from anywhere (with internet), I knew that managing Google AdWords for small businesses would be my primary focus.

Managing Google AdWords for small businesses is all I do. And I'm good at it.

What are you waiting for?

Why should you hire me instead of someone else?

  1. Focusing on getting higher quality people to your site is my main focus!
  2. Making sure your website is ready to take care of them is my second focus. I'll tell you exactly what your site needs (or doesn't need) to make sure clicks aren't wasted. That's just money down the toilet!
  3. Hiring the RIGHT AdWords manager is one of the best business decisions you can make. Those of us who really know what we're doing pay for ourselves with improved revenue. And then we generate a return above that. It can end up being one of your most lucrative expenses!
  4. Most businesses have someone in their store or office manage Google. That's usually a problem and they are almost ALWAYS doing it wrong and making major mistakes. Remember what I said about flushing money down the toilet in #2 above? Yeah, let's stop doing that. 95% of the time the real pro is going to outperform the office person in so many ways.
Ready to do this thing?