Predictable Spending & Pricing

Our clients on monthly plans pay $150-300/mo on average

Before setting up a monthly plan, we bill at $89 per hour. This usually only lasts for a few weeks during the initial heavy-lifting. We get things rolling and squared away over the first 60-90 days and then the costs normally slow down.

Eventually all that's happening is babysitting the account and keeping our eyes out for red flags or changes in Google's algorithms for a low, monthly flat rate.

Here's how my pricing works:

  1. You fill out the form
  2. I look up what you're working with and do a little research (no cost or billing; I research until I'm comfy with what I find)
  3. I'll reach out by e-mail and send a consultation request
  4. If I like what I see, there will be a link to pay a $100 deposit and a way to schedule a live consultation with me. If I don't like what I see, or don't have the time or desire to work for your business or in your industry, I'll let you know; have a nice day
  5. Once the deposit is paid and time slot selected, we'll have a chat
  6. If you proceed with my services, we'll set you up with a payment plan and I'll get to work. There will be a deposit up front that is required before I get started. If you decline my services, I'll refund 50% of the deposit to you and keep the rest for my time spent
  7. I work my magic and your CTR improves. If CTR doesn't improve after I start making changes (not since we first start talking), I'll automatically admit defeat, and send every penny for that first month back to you. At that point you can decide if you want to try again for month two, or we go our separate ways

I've learned that this is a very fair setup for everyone.

It doesn't cost either of us a fortune to go for a test drive.

No contracts. No Surprises. And I report on the results every month to keep everything honest.

You have everything to gain!

What are you waiting for?

This is too expensive!

Business owners who complain about the cost of good AdWords management don't really bother me anymore.

Now I smile and nod. Maybe even chuckle.

It's almost guaranteed that many are losing more money each month than the amount they'd have to shell out to hire me.

Those aren't the clients I want to work with. The potential for giant profits is enormous!

The best client is the most educated; understanding the complexities of what I do and the value brought to the table. If a business owner needs to save money by lighting cash on fire, so be it.

Ready to earn up to 10x (or more) on what you're spending now?

Ready to launch?